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Micaela is an excellent dog trainer. Our dogs love working with her. Her positive methods bring out the best in them – and they are always sad when a session ends and they have to say goodbye. She is great with us people too, offering customized suggestions with a relaxed, no judgement manner that is very reassuring. Working with her has brought a lot of peace to our household.

Laurel Eugene, OR

When I first adopted my senior dog Filbert (2010) I watched many episodes of The Dog Whisperer. After a week or so of frustration I contacted you for help as to how to POSITIVELY integrate my new, nearly blind, dog into the mix of cats. To say that your advice ‘helped’ is an understatement! The human-canine-feline harmony here is nearly zen like now. I just want to thank you for helping our family find a positive way to communicate. Even after our Vet said initially “an adult Jack Russell can never be brought peacefully into a home with 3 adult cats!” We proved them wrong! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Stephanie Ryan Julian, CA

Thank you Micaela! Hachi and I always enjoy your classes. You are always clear, concise…and your pacing is spot on. Hachi was never bored! We hope to see you again soon. Here’s to being a life long learner (Hachi’s motto!)

Robyn Dunkum And Hachi, Rockstar Recall Class Participants Eugene, OR

Micaela Frank speaks “dog.” She is sharply attuned not just to what dogs communicate vocally, but what they say with their bodies, their ears and their faces. She is endlessly patient and creative in designing positive strategies to address challenging behaviors, and she brings an energy and enthusiasm to her work that is absolutely contagious. Micaela’s love for dogs — all dogs — is obvious!

Matt Cooper Eugene, Or

You helped us get a grip and control some of the crazy! Neighbors comment on how much more calm she is now and how much more quiet she is. She just needed direction and to be told what is acceptable and what she is supposed to do. She is doing well in dog parks and with her kitty roommates. She stays with them for up to 6 hours while I am at work with no trouble.

Sarah Pagen Eugene, OR