Here's Why People Rely on

Rockstar Dog Training:

-Teenage dogs, newly adopted dogs - really any dog -  can have issues: Bad leash manners, fear, aggression, or just an independent streak. We understand the issues dogs can develop, and we can help.

-We come to you, solving problems in your home, right where you need help most: Your living room, your backyard, the street where you walk your dog every day. This is training for the real world.

-No judgement, no embarrassment, just the help you need - and some fun, too!

Contact us today - and let's make your dog a Rockstar together!


Micaela Frank speaks "dog." She is sharply attuned not just to what dogs communicate vocally, but what they say with their bodies, their ears and their faces. She is endlessly patient and creative in designing positive strategies to address challenging behaviors, and she brings an energy and enthusiasm to her work that is absolutely contagious. Micaela's love for dogs -- all dogs -- is obvious!



Micaela's Tip Of the Day

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Newly Adopted Dogs

Micaela Frank

Did you just rescue or adopt a dog? Thank you for adopting. We specialize in helping adopters integrate their new dog into their home. Rely on our extensive experience with shelter dogs to help you prevent problems before they start and have a smooth transition with your new family member.